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World Surf Guides is a new Web and Mobile platform developed with wave sports tourism in mind (surf, SUP, bodyboard, kitesurf, kayaksurf, skimming, among others). In this platform, users can find high quality and useful information about all the best local surf spots in the world, starting with Portugal.

This project is now presenting its first guide (Peniche) with a modern look & feel, adapted to all devices. Next, we plan to launch guides of Nazaré, Ericeira, Sintra, Lisboa, Caparica, among other spots in Portugal and all over the world!

Until next Fall we will launch new mobile apps and the first version of (in this address).

Until then, you can check our web guides and monitor the project progress, registering in this website or following our facebook page.

Enjoy surfing!


All information about regional Surf Spots, locations, best conditions, etc.

Near me

What's near you: Where to eat, where to sleep, what todo, local commerce, where to go out at night and much more...


Recreational or sports activities in the region complementary to surf - Horseback riding, golf, windsurfing, paragliding, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, etc.


All information about local heritage and other cultural offers.

Surf Forecast

Swell and Weather for the next days.

User Profile

Personal information that allows tailoring the information presented according to each user needs.



All WSG information in your smartphone or tablet.

WSG (BETA) - Soon in App Stores

Near me
Surf Guides (Download for Offline access)
Weather, Waves and Swell
Surfer Profile


Here you can find some of our first Surf Guides.

Ver. 3.0 On-line
Ver. 2.0 On-line (3.0 Soon)
Ver. 3.0 On-line
Under construction
Ver. 1.0 On-line (3.0 Soon)
Ver. 1.0 On-line (3.0 Soon)


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